Viraj Tamakuwala

About Me

Final year Kinesiology Student at York University. My interest is in the health field, specifically rehabilitation and wellness. In addition, I’ve always had an interest in computing/new technology, specifically websites and getting things online.

Health and Fitness:

Certified Personal trainer – Health and Fitness Federation of Canada (May 2019 – April 2020)

Certified Exercise Physiologist – Health and Fitness Federation of Canada (May 2020 – Present)

ICCPR CRFC – The International Council of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (ICCPR) Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Foundations Certification (CRFC) 

Heartwise Exercise Training – Certificate 



80+ hours conducting firefighter fitness assessments for applicants and incumbents – Aerobic Testing , Pulmonary function tests, and Job-Related tests.

heartwisetrainingcourse certificate pdf 1 e1589293199289

Heart Wise Exercise Training

ICCPR Certification completion certificate VirajT 1 pdf 1

ICCPR Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Foundations Certification (ICCPR CRFC)

018420190501VT Viraj Tamakuwala May 1 2019 to April 30 2020 HFFC CPT pdf 1

Health and Fitness Federation of Canada-Certified Personal Trainer (HFFC-CPT)

Web Experience: 

5+ years experience managing domains ( e.g. setting up and configuring nameservers, DNS Settings, SSL certificates and much more)

Web Hosting – The magic of getting your website online.

In December 2018, I launched with the slogan – “Your one stop for web services”. WeHostWeb provides a safe and cost effective platform for people and small business to build and grow their online presence. WeHostWeb currently offers cheap domains and web hosting services for DIY customers, and customized plan for those requiring assisted or managed services.


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