Awesome Pics And Quotes

What is it?

It is a Facebook Page started in 2013 and it has been providing Daily Quotes to subscribers. It was started as a project to provide inspirational and motivational quotes to give them a great start to their day.


Awesome Pics and Quotes



Some Statistics about it (As of October 2017):

3000 + Likes

3000+ Subscribers

The chat / messages sent to the page are handled by both me and a bot. The bot is to ensure confirmation and activeness of the page.

-The Chat Bot- (A work in-progress)

  • It can provide a random quote by typing “Random”
  • It can provide the weekly quote by typing “Quote”
  • Access to chat room by typing “chat room” – talk to other users
  • If lost can type “help” to see bots features
Awesome Pics and Quotes



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